Adding Widgets

Widgets are the apps that you can add to your PLE (Personal Learning Environment). To begin, we'll set up three different kinds of widgets.

Add a Website Link

Click on the "Add Content" button at the top left of your Netvibes page. This short video will show you how to add a website link to your dashboard.

Add this link onto your Pathways tab

and at least one of these websites to your dashboard
Legal Studies -
Study Skills --
Maths --
English --
Art --
Food Tech --

REMEMBER: Change the title and description to suit by clicking on 'edit' once it's on your dashboard.

Add a Video

Follow the directions on this SlideShare to embed this video from YouTube on your Study Skills page

Add a 'To Do' List Widget

Follow the instructions on this video to add a 'To Do' widget to one of your tabs.

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