Getting started is easy!

One word before starting: this is an educational tool and its a public tool.
Your PLE should only contain resources and contacts for school use as per your Acceptable Use agreement.


Step 1 :Create your Netvibes account

Click on the link below to set up your account

Step 2: Join Netvibes

Choose an appropriate username for school use - it will be public.
Use your school email address for signing up.
Activate your account by going to your email and clicking the link!
(NOTE: If you end up with a 'Set-up Wizard' on your new site, please click on 'Skip Wizard'
and continue with the directions on this website)

Step 3: Edit your Profile

Go to the Dashboards button

Click on edit account info and update the details you wish to include.

Step 4: Enable your public page

Click 'Manage Dashboards' in the sidebar

Your PLE now has its own URL (web address).
NOTE: URL uses your username


Click on 'Back to my Dashboard' in the upper lefthand corner of the screen
then click 'Dashboards' button and click on 'My Public Page' to begin setting up your PLE dashboard.

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