Add an RSS Feed

RSS feeds are a way for you to get immediate updates from your favourite news or blog sites. This can save you time searching for current events or opinions on topics.

Here's how to subscribe to an RSS feed on NetVibes

(Having trouble seeing the directions on the slide show?Click on the four arrows on the bottom right corner for full screen view.

Get eSmart VSC is the cybersafety website for Vermont Secondary College. It has tips for staying smart and staying safe online and a section for student input.

Add the RSS feed to your dashboard.

Add a Web Search Widget

Easily search the web from your Dashboard with this widget.
This one does a multi search - Google, Yahoo and Bing.
First, click on 'Add Content' button at the top then 'Essential widgets'.


Once you've added the widget to your page, type in some search keywords like the example below.


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