Make your Dashboard Your Own

You can change the look and the color of your PLE dashboard, even choose a theme.
Simply go to the settings button, click and begin to explore.


You can also rename your dashboard


Public and private dashboards

Your PLE dashboard is a public one so you can share with your learning community. You are also able to set up private dashboards. You will have one private page in your dashboards already. Free users are able to have several private pages but only one public one.
NOTE: Whenever you go to Netvibes you will first land on your Private Dashboard.
Just click on 'Dashboards' to find the link to your public page.

Widget Directory

Ecosystem is Netvibe's widget directory.
You can find widgets, create your own and share them with your friends of add them to your personal learning environment to manage your study life. CAUTION! Some widgets in the ecosystem work better than others

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